Property launch and sale

Asset & Lifestyle Progression with Real Estate

If you are exploring real estate as a form of asset & lifestyle for progression, this is the right place for you. Whether it is sales (resale) or rental, it is a form of process that I help customers to achieve through prudent asset purchase/sale or rental of real estate.

Purchasing or renting a property for many involve choices beyond financial consideration. With clients expectation and needs (prefer orientation, design, interest or even fengshui) in mind, your financial ability and affordability will be assessed with the current Real Estate guideline, taxation regulation and contract terms. This will be complemented with our latest real estate data and market trend as part of analysis to value add onto the sale process. For purchase or upgrade of property, this may take a few months and I will be able to uphold your best interest to ensure a seamless and rewarding experience to achieve your asset & lifestyle progression for own stay or investment!

Do drop me a note if you need my service whether it is Sale or Purchase and Leased or Rental!

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CanningHill Piers

Please note that the following CanningHill Piers units are now available at below price on 13 Jan 2020: – #09-09 #27-06 New List Price: $1,833,250 New List Price: $1,687,500New Net Price: $1,466,600 New Net Price: $1,350,000 #41-03 #37-04 New List Price: $2,000,000 New List Price: $2,187,500 New Net Price: $1,600,000 New Net Price: $1,750,000 #16-02 […]

Trend of Residential Property Purchased

As market keep changing due to economic, geographic and on-going pandemic, this has created some trend on the residential property in Singapore. We all know the price of private residential property is increasing since Year 2015 (HDB price started to move up in Year 2020) till now base base on the URA and HDB statistics. […]

House Renting in Singapore

Generally renting is more popular among foreigners that are unsure this is their long term stay in Singapore or not having enough upfront capital to buy a property. Singaporean or Singapore permanent resident with family would prefer to buy a HDB flat (New BTO or Resale HDB minimally) or Private Property as this is cheaper […]

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Property launch and sale