Real Estate Update

Property Market Cooling Measure in Year 2021?

On 1 Apr 2021 the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) released flash estimates of a 2.9% rise in prices for Q1 2021, which is the highest growth since Q2 2018 for private residential private property. This resulted in a rise of more than 5% for last 2 quarters (3.3% in 1st Quarter 2021, compared with the 2.1% […]

Singapore Real Estate Salesperson Career Opportunity 2021

With the pandemic contained locally and access to vaccination secured in year 2021 for Singapore, brighter prospects are expected for the local economy and real estate towards the latter half of 2021. The prolonged low interest rates is poised to create a favourable real estate investment environment though Senior Minister Tharman caution the risk of […]

Digital Marketing Fundamental

It was a 6 months/ 24 weeks course organised by Avado/Squared Online with Goggle, partly funded by Skillsfuture/ Sq United of up to $1500 per month of study allowance that started in 1 Oct 2020. It is a wonderful course with many fields of knowledge and tools incorporated to provide an outlook and needs for […]

Real Estate in Singapore for Foreigners

This is something that touch almost everyone living in Singapore, whether you are owning or renting a residential house or commercial properties. In particular for non-singaporean, knowing the tax-rule in singapore is a must to decide the options you have. Residential properties – All foreigners (including Singapore permanent resident) are prohibited from the following unless […]

Digital Channels and Technologies

Before we embark on any seamless experience for customers across the various channels and touchpoints, it is important to get mobile experience right as there is very little we can accomplish without talking about smartphones these days. As customers are increasingly using their mobile devices to work, research, shop and entertain themselves, then brands need […]

Mobile Experience

Compare your smartphone or tablet’s capabilities with those of a desktop or laptop. Mobile devices have a unique, varied set of features that marketers can leverage to create an innovative and frictionless customer experience. Below are just some of the sensors and functions built into mobile devices and more are likely to add-on every year. […]

eBook on Wealth Building

While most of us spent most time at home, it may be times to acquire skills to build some passive income. Besides attending a class or join a group with mentor, the next thing is to source for eBook to build up your knowledge. Please try not to venture into anything without understanding the fundamental […]

Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

Affiliate marketing is a popular tactic to drive sales and generate significant online revenue. Extremely beneficial to both brands and affiliate marketers, the new push towards less traditional marketing tactics has paid off especially in current pandemics.

Ecommerce Campaign & Shopify Masterclass

You can read all day long about strategies and tactics for growing your online ecommerce store, but you’ll soon be left feeling like you’re drowning under a mountain of information. And when you finally manage to try out of those so-called techniques, tools and tricks, nothing happens. Tips and tricks are just that. Ecommerce Campaign […]