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Before we embark on any seamless experience for customers across the various channels and touchpoints, it is important to get mobile experience right as there is very little we can accomplish without talking about smartphones these days. As customers are increasingly using their mobile devices to work, research, shop and entertain themselves, then brands need to be ready to meet them on those mobile devices, in those moments. Mobile underpins every marketing channel, so it’s important that we get your mobile experiences right!

One of the key point is the technical evolution of what makes a great mobile experience, including site design, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs), Apps and the integration of XR (Extended Reality in my other post https://wordpress.com/post/mindnwealthbuilder.com/9).

There is a need to explore the idea of a mobile-first mindset and how digital marketing leaders can help to promote this across a business. As a start, before we work on integrating various channels, platforms, online and off-line touch-points, we may need to consider below and how to integrate technology into the mobile experience:

  1. How to implement a mobile-first culture in your organization, to ensure you can meet your customers’ needs at the right moments
  2. Recommend appropriate mobile site design approaches and user experience (UX) principles to optimize customers’ mobile experience
  3. Explain the pros and cons of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for different types of business, with reference to example brands
  4. Select appropriate mobile solutions by applying your knowledge of the pros and cons surrounding native apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
  5. Suggest how to champion innovative mobile initiatives to benefit an organization
  6. Look into the latest XR technology which is relevant to the business needs and integrate into the mobile devices to improve the customer experience like the video below.

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