Mobile Experience

Compare your smartphone or tablet’s capabilities with those of a desktop or laptop. Mobile devices have a unique, varied set of features that marketers can leverage to create an innovative and frictionless customer experience. Below are just some of the sensors and functions built into mobile devices and more are likely to add-on every year.

Innovative mobile experiences combine technical expertise, creative flair and (most likely) a significant financial investment. So, with technology and customer preferences evolving at an ever-increasing page, it can be a challenge for businesses to stay ahead of the mobile experience curve.  So how do marketers react to this change in consumer behaviour and deliver the right experience? Here’s are some of the top recommendations to provide an agile mobile customer experience whether consumers contact you through the web, email, chat, social media or phone channels.

  1. The Power of Apps (Improve your customer experience, eg by including web self-service and web chat within mobile apps)
  2. Responsive Design (Use responsive design to ensure your website recognises whether customers are on PC, tablet or phone and delivers optimised content to best meet their needs and the device they are using)
  3. Consistence Knowledge sharing ( Make sure your mobile page is consistent by sharing the same knowledge base between mobile apps and your other channels)
  4. Make your website mobile friendly (Ensure your site is mobile optimised so that it is fast and seamless to load, whatever device people are using)
  5. Gather insight (Use the mobile interaction to learn more about your customers by analysing and understanding the mobile customer behaviour and adjust your strategies and services to suite them)
  6. Omnichannel approach (Provide a satisfying and seamless customer experience across all these channels, as this leads to greater loyalty and increased revenues)

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